COVID-19 Rental Assistance Policy and Request Form


We appreciate the opportunity to work together to get through this challenging time for all Americans. This means that we will all need to work together for the next few months. In order to do that successfully, we all need to recognize that landlords are experiencing similar financial stresses as their tenants. The cash flow that they receive from rents ensures that mortgages and utilities are paid and staff members are available to provide services like work order requests.

As previously communicated by our office, we have been working 1 on 1 with each tenant that proactively reaches out and communicates with our team about their issues. In all of these cases, we have waived late fees and spoken with each homeowner directly about the plan for current rent payments.

The determination to create a rental assistance policy related to the Pandemic (Covid019) is being made because we believe that supporting each other is the best way to work through all of this.

Please note that we still must have open and frequent communication from each of you to make this all work.

Beginning April 16th, 2020 the only residents that will qualify for consideration for grace periods and additional assistance are residents that can substantiate that they have been economically disadvantaged by the COVID-19 crisis.

If you qualify, we will create a repayment agreement that must be signed. This will allow us to potentially waive late fees if agreed to in the repayment agreement as long as you comply with the entire repayment plan and perform the remainder of your lease obligations.


1- Complete, Sign and Return this linked form:


(form Updated as of October 2020)

2- Verification of COVID-19 Financial Impact

The following examples are acceptable forms of verification:

-A written statement from your employer that you have been either let go or that your income has been significantly reduced because of COVID-19. Submit the most recent paystubs for the past thirty days with this statement.

-Written statement by you that you work for one of the industries that has been temporarily closed or limited because of a governmental order such as a restaurant, movie theater, school, or other business that has seen significant governmental policies issued directing their activities. This statement will need to be accompanied by proof that you were employed by that company. (Paystubs)

3 – Income verification for the last 30 days

Acceptable Forms of Verification:
-Most recent pay stubs from the last 30 days 
and Your bank statement showing deposits for the last 30 days

*No bank account? Screenshots of employer or IRS supplied Prepaid card statements where money has been deposited, receipts from check-cashing institutions etc are also acceptable- We are looking to see all deposits so we can determine an appropriate payment plan- We can not just take your word that you “have no money” We need to review transaction history.

The above steps are REQUIRED in order to set up a signed payment plan agreement so that we can accept partial rent payments as you get caught up. If you can not complete the above steps we will have to follow the lease as written, charge late fees, not accept partial payments, and possibly file eviction.

If this is a long term financial crisis for you- meaning you are out of work fully or your hours are significantly different than what your income was when you first leased your home with us) then we also need the following step completed:

4- Verification of applications for assistance


 AZ Save our Homes Funds ( Apply Here )

Once an application has been submitted the renter will be provided with a letter they can provide to their landlord that verifies an application has been submitted.

We will need a copy of this letter. 

For unemployment  (Apply Here )

You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of your application once you have certified all statements made-

We will need a screenshot of this confirmation number.

No access to scan? You can send us photos of all of these items to 480-382-0115 with your name and address on the texts (make sure all images submitted are clear and legible and if there are multiple pages of a document we need all pages supplied.


Despite what some in the media have reported, there is currently no moratorium on evictions but there is an Executive Order that addresses the execution of the Writ of Restitution (the lockout by the constable/sheriff) if you have been negatively impacted financially by this pandemic.

Nothing passed at any level of government prohibits an eviction for a material and irreparable breach (immediate) or any other lease non-compliance issue.

Please note that HUD’s decision to “stop all evictions” only applies to homes or units that receive funding provided by the federal government. Not all houses, apartments, townhomes, communities or tenants receive federal funding (very few 4:10 properties fall under protections in the Federal CARES Act)

We certainly do not want to add stress to anyone during these times. If we had the ability to simply forgive or waive all rents indefinitely, that would be amazing, but that simply is not a reality for many landlords at this time. Eviction is never something we take lightly and not something either our team nor the homeowners want to pursue. In fact, we deeply desire to avoid it if possible. This is why the Rental Assistance Request procedure is being developed so we can all work together to get through this to the other side.

Let us know if you have any questions!
Thank You
Jason Geroux

Designated Broker

4:10 Real Estate

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