Governor Ducey Extends COVID-19 Eviction Protections; Expands Rental Assistance Access And Provides Homeowners Foreclosure Relief

Executive Order 2020-14 regarding postponement of eviction action has been extended until October 31st, 2020. This is in direct response to the significant delays tenants are having in getting their Save Our Home AZ Funds applications reviewed and processed through the Community Action Agencies that are managing those funds.

In addition to extending the moratorium on Eviction Lockouts, the State is putting $650,000 towards hiring more staff to help with the application reviews and $5million towards foreclosure prevention for owners unable to pay their mortgage due to tenants not paying rent.


You can read the full extent of the Executive Order here

Guidance for Renters and Landlords can be reviewed here

Information about this recent extension to the order can be read here.

It is important to note that Evictions can still be filed in court, this moratorium ONLY affects the lockout portion of the eviction process. As always 4:10 wants to avoid filing evictions and needs tenant cooperation by following the steps outlined here to avoid that.

Also note, that per this new order- After August 21, renters will need to provide their landlord or property owner a copy of their completed pending application for rental assistance through a state, city, county or nonprofit program. In order for the Moratorium On Eviction Lockout to apply to their situation.

Where to get Help (Resources for Tenants to apply for assistance- as is required to avoid Eviction Lockout due to lack of payment caused by COVID-19)

4:10 has been compiling and updating the List of Resident Relief Options since March- it is updated as new info is available

You can also visit the State of Arizona’s Resource link here


Homeowners that are impacted by their tenant’s inability to pay rent during this Eviction Lockout Moratorium can apply for funds from the soon to be established Foreclosure Prevention Program- (details still forthcoming from the State- Link will be provided as soon as it is available)

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