Help! My AC is out and it’s the HOTTEST DAY EVER!

We have made it to the official (per the calendar) start of SUMMER- While it is true, we have been battling temperatures in the triple digits for weeks already- historically Mid June through the End of August is the HOTTEST part of summer when you live in Arizona.

1st- if you have no AC at all fill a cooler with ice and place any refrigerated medications inside. For the elderly and those who are most at risk for heat-related illness, getting to a cooling station or other air-conditioned building can also help. Throughout Maricopa County, cooling stations and donated water sites can provide immediate relief.

SUBMIT DETAILS of the issue on your tenant portal so that you can be placed in the service queue. Our maintenance team has partnered with several top-notch HVAC companies across the valley or your home may have a warranty plan in place- and we will reach out to a vendor the same day we get the service request to get you scheduled. *Do not call us, Do not send an email you must place the info in writing on your portal. (with the transition where we have onboarded over 160 new properties this month alone, we can not accommodate phone call maintenance requests- they must be in writing on your portal- this is what will start a timeline for repairs to keep your rights intact and for us to hold our vendors accountable to.

*Due to the economy that we live in post-COVID-19, laborers, and parts are still in low supply. This does not change your rights under Landlord-Tenant Act, however, it does change how we prioritize actual emergencies. In most cases our vendors are able to get your system cooling at the appointment they set with you to diagnosis the issue- and if that is a possibility it will always be our team’s goal for that to be the case. In other circumstances- parts have to be ordered and another appointment has to be made to complete the repair. In these cases we perform the following steps:

-Does the home have more than 1 AC unit that IS working onsite? If yes, you have a reasonable amount of air conditioning given the circumstances and will be placed in the schedule BEHIND any tenants that do not have ANY AC working. *This may seem inconvenient and be a pain to all live in one area of the home until the repair is completed but it is not an emergency. As soon as parts and laborer availability open you will be placed for service.

If the delay will be longer than 10 days ( 33-1363 ) to complete the repair and you do not have any working ac in the home at all, we have the availability to provide 1 portable AC unit that can cool an area in the home while you wait. These determinations are made after we get the DX of the issue from the vendor.

While you are waiting for us to fix your broken A/C, follow basic heat safety tips, such as:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid strenuous activity in the hottest part of the day
  • Visit air-conditioned places during the heat of the day
  • Take cool baths or showers
  • Dehydrated and non-perishable foods are best to stockpile, as well as gallons of water. Other items you may need include a first-aid kit, flashlights and an inverter for small appliances.

Another tip to consider if you have not already:

Renters insurance is a lifesaver, and leaseholders should try to obtain it if you don’t have it already. This policy covers personal belongings, medical bills, temporary lodgings and more. It pays for losses caused by numerous events, including short-circuit damage, fire and lightning. It may even reimburse the cost of any refrigerated food that spoils during a blackout (inadvertent or rolling)

As a Property Manager working on behalf of a landlord, we are only responsible for paying for injuries to the building itself, which can leave tenants out of luck if your stuff gets destroyed. However, renter’s insurance fills in this gap and leaves everyone satisfied.

What to NOT expect from 4:10 Real Estate because your AC is currently not cooling:

Same-Day or After Hours Service

Being put up in a hotel

Automatic Rent Credit

The Landlord to pay an invoice for a vendor you hired to address the issue on your own before letting our team know there was a repair needed.

These are options for EXTREME cases that we discuss the appropriateness of as a team with the owner of the home if a circumstance warrants it but they are not the 1st step, an entitlement, or a right of tenants. We do not share any of that to sound mean, but to be transparent with how we operate during the summertime with regards to making sure our tenants have essential services to live safely in their homes as defined by the laws of our state.

We want to assure all of our renters that we are knowledgeable about Arizona summers, HVAC outages, and blackout preparedness and our hope is that you can trust us to solve any issues you have. A good landlord-tenant relationship requires trustworthiness, respect, and care for your wellbeing and patience and understanding from you that we are working to HELP you, not leave you stranded and uncomfortable.


4:10 Real Estate Maintenance Team

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